11+ practice and progress

Success Tips for 11+

Here are a few 11+ exam success tips that will prove helpful to pupils in their preparation.

Do lot of reading and increase your word power. Having a good vocabulary will help you in great way. English/Reading Comprehension and verbal reasoning both have can be conquered easily if you got grip on words.

Since more and more schools are using CEM style exams, the 11+ exams can not be tutored. Yes, thats true!. The CEM style exams test the capabilities of the students rather than the preparedness for the exams. You just need to enhance your capabilites by practice, by reading etc. Puzzles/Sudoku/Crosswords etc are great way of improving your mental capabilities. Play such games to put your mind at work, it is fun. 11+ exams are nothing but a big puzzle to test your brain. So dont prepare for any set curriculum, but enhance your capabilities.

There's an old and wise adage that maintains that practice makes perfect. Absolutely! The more your child practices, the better chance they have of scoring the best marks in the exam. As a Tutor, I've noticed that many students simply don't spend enough time learning the techniques and practicing as many questions as possible! I've even heard some students mention that they do less than 30 minutes practice a week!

Usually, eleven plus exams are structured in form of different learning units that include English, Mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. With this in mind, one needs to come up with special approaches to tackle each of these subjects since they differ in content. Pupils should note that each of these units contributes to their final mark and none of the subjects should be neglected. Nevertheless, subjects in which the pupil feels inadequate should be given special attention.

One can never go wrong with Mathematics if they regularly solve problems. Extensive practice within all areas that constitute eleven plus maths is crucial to excellent results. Doing at least one exercise a day will go a long way 11+ exam success towards improving the final grade. The pupil should ensure they begin their preparation in good time. It is also to have someone to guide one through these exercises preferably a private tutor.

Verbal reasoning entails manipulating numbers, letters and words as per the issued instructions. The secret to liking this unit has to do with incorporating fun into the entire learning. This makes it enjoyable and therefore easier to learn. Children can do puzzles, crosswords and word games to better their skills. Non-verbal reasoning entails shapes and how the shapes are related to one another. It is crucial that pupils familiarise themselves with different shape manipulations such as reflection and rotation of shapes.

For all the 11+ units it is essential to know that not all institutions provide the same format for the exam. There are different methods employed including multiple choices. It is advised that all possible approaches be explored by the pupils as a way of thorough preparation.

It is advisable for the pupil to find out as much information as possible concerning the 11+ exam. The internet may be a reliable source in researching about the format and content of the examination. They may find the same information from their schools. Apart from the format and content, it is important to find out about the available materials with regard to the tests.

Setting up a timetable for all these is important in order to have directed and organised preparation. The schedule should not be too tight as to be overwhelming. Instead, it needs to be properly spread out with blocks of resting time. The timetable should be strictly followed so that everything is covered at the end of the day. With all these tips strictly observed, 11+ exam success is guaranteed.d luck to all of you families preparing and do share your tips with us below and let us know how you get on.

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