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Key Stage Maths Get access to high quality CEM Patterm 11+ Mock exams. The Mock exams have been prepared as close as possible to the real CEM 11+ exams, covering all the subjects i.e. Numeric Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English and Non-verbal Reasoning

Key Stage Maths11+ Practice tests on all the subjects which have been prepared by experts and guranteed to sharpen the skills required for 11+ success.

Key Stage Maths Huge collection of practice questions. There are 50K+ questions which cover wide veriety of subjects.

Key Stage Maths Project 11+ uses the best online exam plateform, which lets you create tests of your choice, review the tests, view history and track your progress.

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Key Stage Maths Take an FREE 11+ Mock Exam after free registration.

Key Stage Maths The "11+ Exams Package" is only £25.00, which allows you to access 15 high quality 11+ CEM Mock Exams and 400 Practice Tests.

Key Stage Maths11+ Speed Test is completly FREE for all the users. For the paid members, adverts are removed from the 11+ Speed Test page. Time is a very important factor for CEM Pattern 11+ exams, please use 11+ Speed Test for improving your timing and accuracy.

Why to contribute?

11+ practice papersCreative Learning - Create questions with fresh and open mind. The question creation process going to stimulate you minds and help you in mastering the subjects.

11+ practice papers Knowledge Sharing - Let others know what you think is good for preparation.

11+ practice papers Get Refund - Help Project Eleven Plus's gowing repository to get even bigger and GET THE REFUND of 11+ exams package. Once you have 250 approved questions in your account, we will refund you the package cost i.e. £25

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