11+ practice and progress

Why to take online 11+ Mock Tests?

  • It is highly advisable that children get familiar with the 11+ test pattern and get the feeling of the of what they are expected during the actual exams. There are many providers of the mock tests and choosing the right one might a difficult task. It has been seen that parents are spending good amount of time and money on 11 plus mock tests. The classroom mock tests just provide the result of the test and you get the idea as where the child stand and what need to be improved. But with the online mock tests, you can watch the children taking the tests and notice where he/she struggling and how effectively he/she managing the time.

  • Mock tests help children understand the actual requirement of the 11 plus exams. Sometime children do well when taking the a practice test/paper on any one particular subject, but get pressurised when presented a lengthy paper consisting all the subjects. For example a children can do well when taking a test paper of maths, but when they are given a test paper on all the subjects like maths, verbal reasoning, English and non-verbal reasoning, they might not give the expected result. So it is essential that children give the result as per their capabilities. Watch the children yourself at home taking the mock test and later advise them the areas which need improvements.

  • Time is the essence during 11 plus exams. Doing the things correct is not enough, but need to done in timely manner. Children should learn how to manage the time during the 11 plus exams. This can be learned only by mock exams/test. There will always be question in the paper that children will find difficult. Instead of spending more time on the difficult questions, they should mark it for re-visit and move on with other questions. This can be taught very well when children attempting online mock tests at home and you can monitor the children and later tell them as how better they could have manage the time.

  • If you go for the classroom mock tests, you will hardly take 2 or 3 mock tests. But 2 or 3 mock tests are not enough. In first or second mock test, children just learn the things and they later exercise their learning in following mock tests. With the online mock tests you take multiple tests and practice as much as possible.

  • With the online mock tests, you can review the test anytime, know the weak area of the child and work on that. At the end of each mock exam, you are povided with a comphensive report and analysis on the performance at mock exam. With the mock exam report, identify the weak and stron areas, practice/learn more on weak area and get ready for another mock test for even better score.

  • Online 11 plus exams are much cheaper and more convenient. You can create a environment at home and get the children take the tests. Do you really think that you should spend hundreds of pounds on mock tests and still doubtful on the outcome? Or it is worth wasting and weekend for just a mock test?

  • Parents can better understand the children and help them improving the week areas. Yes, it involves a bit of DIY element, but it is not a big task and parents can easily do it. You will end up spending less time than running here and there for classroom mock tests.

    Tips for Online 11+ Mock Exams

  • Each mock test can be attempted only once, so don't submit the test until you are sure about it.
  • Parents - Please make a proper environment before your child starts the test. No disturbance or distraction should be there in the room.
  • Students - Take the Mock exam seriously as if you are taking the real exam. In the CEM pattern exams, time pressure is immense, so keep a watch/clock and learn to manage the time yourself. Don't get stuck on any question if you cant answer, but move on to next one and come back to this question later.
  • Each tests has 120 question. Please allow around 1:30 for the test.
  • After the test submission, you will be shown the result instantly and you will be able to review the test.
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