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Key Stage Maths Get access to high quality CEM Patterm 11+ Mock exams. The Mock exams have been prepared as close as possible to the real CEM 11+ exams, covering all the subjects i.e. Numeric Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, English and Non-verbal Reasoning

Key Stage Maths11+ Practice tests on all the subjects which have been prepared by experts and guranteed to sharpen the skills required for 11+ success.

Key Stage Maths Huge collection of practice questions. There are 50K+ questions which cover wide veriety of subjects.

Key Stage Maths Project 11+ uses the best online exam plateform, which lets you create tests of your choice, review the tests, view history and track your progress.

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Key Stage Maths Take an FREE 11+ Mock Exam after free registration.

Key Stage Maths The "11+ Exams Package" is only £25.00, which allows you to access 15 high quality 11+ CEM Mock Exams and 400 Practice Tests.

Key Stage Maths11+ Speed Test is completly FREE for all the users. For the paid members, adverts are removed from the 11+ Speed Test page. Time is a very important factor for CEM Pattern 11+ exams, please use 11+ Speed Test for improving your timing and accuracy.

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11+ Practice Tests

Each test below has 100's of practice questions. Each time you create a test, you are presented with 20 random qustions. You can create tests again and again until you achive stisfied score, and each time you will have new 20 questions.

Students are advised to take the tests multiple times until you achive a satisfactory average score.

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